Please prayerfully consider helping with Children’s Church for the 2018/2019 school year.  We are in need of Coordinator(s), Opening Leaders, Lesson Leader for the 3 years to 2nd grade group and helpers.

Contact Brenda René at 815.541.5502 or sign-up in the church hallway if you can help.


What does a Coordinator do?  Coordinates staffing of opening/lesson leaders and helpers.  Communicates to staff and parents as needed.  Point of contact for questions and lesson material needs.  Works closely with the Christian Education Board.

What does an Opening Leader do?  Welcomes children, leads opening prayer, offertory and prayer & praises.  (10 to 15 minutes – able to return to service when done.)

What does a Lesson Leader do?   Leads age appropriate lesson based on Pastor John’s sermon theme.

What does a Helper do?  Floats from class to class assisting lesson leaders as needed.