Dear Friends and Family of “HELP Mission Int’l.”,
Greetings to you all.
Much has happened since my last email newsletter!  We’ve had two work teams to Haiti so far this year.  One in February and a 2nd in April.  They were both great, and much was accomplished in Batso, Haiti, both in the Orphanage and in the School, as well.
We built several pieces of furniture; desks, tables, cabinets, bunk beds and even a pulpit!  We repaired the swing set (for the 3rd time!),. put a concrete ceiling on our house in St. Michel, as well as on a school room in Batso.  We installed doors, built a clinic out of one of the class rooms.
Regarding the clinic, this a wonderful development since my last email. Funds were raised to supply the clinic with a Doctor, Nurse, office worker, janitor and Pastoral support! All that, as well as funding for some medications too.  We praise God for this wonderful opportunity to, once again, offer support and help to the Batso community!  

Sue Sullivan wrote a children’s book, “The Chicken and the Avocado Tree.” We are offering this book as a fund-raiser for the clinic.  If you are interested in getting one or two, just let me know! Call me at: (860) 617-3923.
Our next scheduled work team is this coming November, so if you’re interested in joining us,  please let me know!
Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Pastor John B. Eklund